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Logo Stamps

Free Shipping on online orders over $100 Canada wide. Same day or 24 Hour Turnaround Service.

Custom Logo Stamps
You design it and we'll turn it into a stamp for you!

We at BC Stamp Works really enjoy bringing your files and artwork to life. We can turn any clean, Black & White image into a stamp so that you can put your mark on letters & envelopes, products, boxes & bags, tags, business cards, clothing, labels or whatever you can think of.

This page is also becoming our rubber stamp 'Wall of Fame'.
Scroll down to see images of great artwork submitted by our customers along side a sample impression of how the stamp turned out!!

Custom Art/Logo Files and Fonts:
Please submit files in vector formats such as .eps, .ai, .cdr or .pdf.
            - .jpg or .jpeg, .bmp and .tif images are only acceptable in high resolution & black & white files.
if a specific or special font is being used within the file, please attach the font file to an email
              or ensure that all text within the graphic has been converted to curves/outlines.
            - minimum type size = 6pt       minimum line strength = 1pt
            - all files can be submitted to sales@bcstamp.com

PLEASE CALL 604.687.6971 OR EMAIL info@bcstamp.com FOR MORE INFORMATION.

These are just a few examples of what we can do for you!!